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Deimos Steel Club Bells

Deimos 100% Steel Club Bells are an excellent tool to enhance your primal fitness.

Originally developed in ancient Persia as a means for conditioning soldiers and wrestlers, heavy clubs are particularly valuable for grip strength, shoulder work, and rotational core power.

With a variety of movements and infinite possibilities, Steel Clubs can be used to train all aspects of fitness, including strength, conditioning, and balance. They are also an excellent addition to more traditional methodologies like barbell training, allowing you to enhance your functional capabilities through full body exercises.

Resilient Smooth Finish



Deimos Steel Clubs are unique in that they are made of a single machined piece of steel, powder coated with a chip resistant matte finish. Steel is a heavier, more dense metal than iron and is highly resistant to rust and denting.

The powder coated matte finish is very chip-resistant, and our non slip grip offers the right balance of glide and traction for gripping clubs deep into work sets.

Our unique steel clubs are the most economically viable, impeccable quality heavy clubs on the market today.

How Steel Club Bells Complement your Training

Grip Strength

  • Excellent tools for improving grip strength
  • Weight displacement of the club bells put a lot of strain on your forearms and grip strength. Try it, you’ll know what I mean.
  • Useful for Grapplers as your grip on the club bells imitates the gripping of your opponent’s gi or arms


  • Useful for rehabbing and recovering weak joints, tendons and small muscles from old injuries
  • Simultaneous preparing them for more intense workout. 
  • Unconventional shape of the steel club bells will strengthen your stabilizing muscles 

Rotational Core Power

Rotational training is important as almost every movement in every sport require some sort of rotation for strength and power.

  • Steel clubs uses transverse plane movements to improve your rotational power dramatically.
  • Offer the rotational training that other conventional equipment cannot


Many athletes favor the use of one side of your body over the other, resulting in an imbalance between both sides.

  • Introduces similar motions to swinging/serving/gripping/throwing with your non dominant hand.
  • Balances the imbalance between dominant and non-dominant side. 

Real World Fitness

How many times are you required to bicep curl 40 kg in a perfect arc towards your chest?

Do you ever find yourself needing to push 120kg off your chest in a straight line?

  • Dynamic real world full body movements exercises
  • Fat burning and build lean muscles 
  • Centuries of history and perfection by ancient Persian warriors and wrestlers in their club bell training

Have you ever seen a fat Persian warrior? Enough said.


Weight Guide

Wielding Steel clubs are considerably more challenging than a kettlebell or a dumbbell. There is also a very important skill component, so we recommend starting with a lighter weight and moving up. They are particularly useful in pairs, however many lifts can be completed with just a single club.

Another important consideration is the purpose of your training and your current ability level. If you want to use Steel Clubs for recovery and mobility work, you’ll need lighter weights (2KG).

Conversely, if you are somewhat proficient in the training method and want to work strength and conditioning, need one or two moderate weights (4 to 8KG).

If you are advanced and want to use technically difficult two hand drills, a single heavy weight (10 to 12KG).

Steel Club Introduction Video


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