Rollerblade RB Cruiser Skates

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    RB Cruiser is an urban skate designed for tough, fast maneuvering. RB molded boots are durable in all skating environments, featuring four urban profile 80mm/85a Urban Profile wheels and SG7 bearings for added control, stability and speed. Ultimate lateral support and sliders, a dual-buckle/lace secure closure system with shock-absorbing padding in the heel and an attached brake make RB Cruiser ultra-responsive and versatile for skaters of all abilities.


    MOLDED BOOT - Technology without extra expense in this versatile and durable skate

    SUPPORTIVE & VENTED - Lateral support, vented for breathability

    PERFORMANCE LINER - Added heel shock absorber dampens vibration

    EXTRUDED ALUMINUM FRAME - Rigid, stable 243mm/9.6” frame lowers the center of gravity for increased speed and maneuverability

    ROLLERBLADE URBAN PROFILE WHEELS - 80mm/80A wheels and SG7 bearings add stability, reducing wear while maximizing grip and speed



    Vented molded shell

    Flexible lightweight cuffs

    Lateral sliders

    Widest of RB molded shells

    WHEELS Rollerblade Urban 80mm 80A
    BEARINGS Rollerblade SG7 sealed bearings

    Extruded aluminum frames

    243mm, approx 9.6"

    261mm for size 13

    165mm mounting

    Max wheel size: 80mm

    One-piece 8mm race axles

    Laterally adjustable



    Training 5 Star Fit
    Training Foot bed
    Shock absorber


    Cuff Buckles
    45° buckles
    Standard lacing

  • Model Cut: Wide - Recommended for Wide Feet

    Fitting for COMFORT: Buy Exact Size

    Fitting for PERFORMANCE: Buy Exact Size and change to thicker insole

    How it's supposed to feel when you first wear it: Moderately Snug at sides. It will soften and expand after 6-8 hours. Toes must be touching or reaching the end.

    How it's not supposed to feel when you first wear it: Toes curling up or toes able to move around freely. Heel must not lift in the skates after tightening.

    Shell : Every Full Size has a unique shell. This model has no half sizes

      Liner: Every full size has a unique liner. This model has no half sizes

    Insoles : Thicker Insoles can be used to create "half a size less space." e.g. A size 8 can become a size 7.5 with a thicker insole.



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