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A new era in skating begins with the introduction of Gravitational Torque Technology found on the Rollerblade Powerblade GTM 100 Performance Skates. Rollerblade has teamed up with Luigino Racing to develop Gravitational Torque (GT) Technology which displaces pressure through the middle of the skate. The frame is mounted to a central point on the boot which enhances the center of gravity and positions the body for maximum torque. This is beneficial to the skating experience because gravitational torque optimizes efficiency for all types of strides and as with other balance sports, stronger glides are achieved when a person is applying pressure to the center of their equipment. This boot has a higher cuff then most speed or racing skates, which improves leg and ankle support, as well as offering a micro ratchet buckle strap to reduce heel lift. Rollerblade's asymmetrical lacing provides an excellent custom fit feel NEW Rollerblade Hydrogen 100mm wheels with HTO Pro bearings are slotted into the new GT frames, giving you an unparallelled level of performance.

  • Shell/Upper: Carbon Fiber GT
  • Liner: Precision 5 Star Fit
  • Closure: Micro-adjustable cuff buckle, 45° buckle, Performance Asymmetrical lacing
  • Bearings: HTO
  • Frame: GT 4x100, 12.8” (325mm) with racing axles, laterally adjustable (brake in the box)
  • Wheels: Hydrogen 4x100mm/85A (Made in the USA)

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