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Rollerblade Maxxum 84

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Rollerblades Maxxum 84 Inline Skatesallow you to connect to streets with intuitive control, power and balance for a truly wonderful skating experience. Unlike others in the Maxxum lineup, the Maxxum 84 uses Rollerblade Supreme wheels which have a slightly larger footprint for grip and control. This makes them well suited for urban type skating as well as for fitness.

Vented molded shell wtih VCut hinge cuff allows flexibility without limiting support. Top ankle and instep straps are both adjustable using a micro ratchet to tighten effortlessly and reduce the chance of lace bite. Outfitted with comfortable, form fitting Rollerblade Specialized 5 Star Fit liners, Specialized Footbeds and shock absorbers to reduce vibration while skating rougher roads. A truly versatile skate suitable for fun, fitness and/or to carve up the streets.




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