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Razor Genesys Jr. Skates

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Made for up and coming roll-groms, the Razor Genesys Junior Adjustable Aggressive Kid's Skates feature Ground Control anti-rockered frames, replaceable backslide plate and adjustable to four sizes. Improvements on the liner, heel support and buckles are new for this release and helps novice skaters adjust to the rigorous demands of aggressive skating. Frames come setup as anti-rocker with 56mm outside wheels, but it is possible to setup as flat if preferred. The liner is comfortable and cushy with a stiff cuff that is cut to be a tad longer on the inside which improves the support and stability without reducing range of motion. Perfect for your junior steez-monster.

  • Type: Junior Adjustable Recreational Inline Skates
  • Level: All Levels
  • Heritage: Genesys
  • Fit Guidelines: Standard width. Adjustable to 4 different sizes.
  • Sizing Guidelines: Razor skates generally fit true to size.
    • Adjustable Sizes 3.0 - 6.0 (21.0 - 23.0)
    • Size Adjustment: Two bolt removal adjustment, instructions indicated on box
      • Remove front wheel and front frame bolt to adjust size.

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