Quad Lock Run Kit

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  • The Quad Lock iPhone 7 running armband is the ultimate Sports Armband for runners, joggers and gym goers. The Quad Lock Sports Armband fits comfortably on your arm and over sportswear. No longer will you have to struggle trying to fit your iPhone 7 into a neoprene or plastic pouch. With the Quad Lock Sports Armband you are only a click away from easy access to your iPhone 7 and you can be confident that it is securely attached to your arm.

    Now your iPhone 7 can be fully utilised to track your runs via apps like Strava™ or navigate your city with ease using Apple® or Google® Maps.

    Strap made from Nylon Lycra

    Fully adjustable to fit any arm size between circumference 17-38cm to 6.5-15 inches

    Slim and Protective iPhone 7 case included

    Secure, light and stylish

    Compatible with both the iPhone 7



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