Powerslide Rapid 12,8" 3X125MM Frame

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Powerslide´s Rapid frame is where performance, practicality and price all combine to give you an unbeatable frame. Made from the absolute best aluminum available, the Rapid frame has been designed to be stiff, but at the same time offering a higher level of comfort over other racing frames. This more forgiving ride is especially appealing to lighter skaters, long distance skaters or younger skaters. This 195mm mounting frame comes in 12,8" and has a maximum wheel size of 3x125mm

Axles: Single axle, AL 7075, 8mm, torx T25

Manufacturing process: Extruded and CNC machined to perfection

Material: Aluminum

Max. wheel size: 125 mm

Mounting standard: 2-point 195mm / Trinity Mount

Frame length: 12.8" (325mm)

Extrusion: Double voided

Setup: 3x125mm

Bearing spacer: AL floating spacer, 8mm

Frame spacer: Built and Machined in

Mounting Hardwear: steel, torx, 13,5mm

Weight: 208g

Brake option: Megacruiser brake

Extras: Stride Control



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