Powerslide Phuzion Trinity Argon 110 Women Skates

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  • This skates comes with Trinity Three Point Mount

    Powerslide Phuzion Argon 110 Skates have power knit uppers that don't just look cool, but function as a firm and breathable wrap that'll keep you skating for hours. Trinity triskate frames make skating large 110mm wheels easy, with stability and power during pushoff. They also cruise over cracks and bumps with ease, making for a smoother ride.

    A glass-fiber reinforced skeleton covers the base of the boot to limit stretching during pushoff, capturing energy. Fit snug and secure with dual-buckle closures that work to keep the heel in place and response high. HABS (height adjustable brake system) brake is adjustable to lower as pad wears. Frames adjust both front to back, and laterally.

    Casted Aluminun Trinity Frames ; Infinity 110mm 85A Wheels ; ABEC9 HABS Small (907031)



    Powerslide Powerknit Uppers With Recall Fit Padding

    Glass-fiber reinforced Skeleton around Boot

    Trinity Mount

    Lateral Adjustment Capability

    WHEELS Powerslide Inifinity 110mm 85A Wheels
    BEARINGS Wicked ABEC9 Bearings



    Elite Casted Aluminum - One Piece

    Max 110mm

    Trinity Mount

    One-Sided Torx 8mm Axles

    X-Slot Mounting Compatible

    Slides Frontward and Backward

    Laterally Adjustable on These Boots


    Integrated Recall Fit Liner (not Removable)

    Micromesh with Neoprene Soft Shell - Liner Attached to Boot

    MyFit Footbed


    Dual Buckle Closure (Cuff & 45 Degree Power Strap)

    Standard Lacing

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  • Model Cut: Normal - Suitable for all Feet

    Fitting for COMFORT: Buy Exact Size

    Fitting for PERFORMANCE: Buy Exact and change to a thicker insole

    How it's supposed to feel when you first wear it: Wrapping with slight discomfort. It will soften and expand after 6-8 hours. Toes must be touching or reaching the end.

    How it's not supposed to feel when you first wear it: Toes curling up or toes able to move around freely. Heel must not lift in the skates after tightening.

      Soft Boot: Every full size has a unique boot. E.g. This model has no half sizes

    Insoles : Thicker Insoles can be used to create "half a size less space." e.g. A size 8 can become a size 7.5 with a thicker insole.

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