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PenguinAce Gloves

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Amazing grip, as such as tires.

The P pattern development has adopted strong and durable grip gloves as such as tires. Penguin Ace Anti-slip gloves balances flexibility to fit fingertips. It is also made of highly moisture absorbent quick drying material to ensure comfort when worn. This quick drying material adopted a field sensor technology from Toray. This is highly recommended for Ultimate Frisbee especially during wet/cold weather. Protect your hands, and helps you to catch discs under wet conditions well!


  • Palm- Polyurethane Nylon
  • Back- Polyester


  • New development P pattern that adopts grip and durability for non-slip purposes
  • Field sensor technology adopted at the back of the hand
  • Magic belt slender that ensures supple fitting


7.80 8.00 8.30 8.50
19.60 20.20 20.80 21.40
21.20 21.50 22.00 22.30

Instructions when handling product:

  • Traditional leather with no chemical resistance
  • Avoid putting on gloves when hands have oil/water or combination of both
  • Use in environment below 80 degree celcius

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