Matter G13 HC Inline Wheels

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Matter G13 Hollow Core Wheels. This 2018 version has increased stiffness of the wheel lnsert to improve grip. A great balance between flexibility and energy release, they perform well on both road and track conditions. Combines the feel of the original with the perfect balance between flexibility and energy release. Poured with a hard version of Matter's "RACETHANE" urethane, skaters can expect performance with a footprint that enables more momentum per stride. Under the urethane, Matter increased the stiffness of the wheel insert to improve grip without modifying the urethane or hub. The Hollow Cor Hub is two pieces sonic welded and allows a harder wheel wrap, improving the rolling distance, stability and power transfer. Ideal for road, marathon and even track skaters.

Price is for a Single Wheel

Hub: Hollow DX Blade Core

Sizes: 100, 110 or 125mm

Type: Speed (Road or Track)

Hardnesses: See "Footprint" in SPECS tab for more info

88A (F0)

86A (F1)

84A (F2)



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