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King Song Electric Unicycle

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KS-14C electric unicycle is a 14 inch wheel and it comes with a 340wh battery. King Song envisioned developing a wheel that is not only attractive, but also feature rich for the user. What makes them different is that the manufacturer has invested heavily in R&D. King Song electric unicycles are put through a series of stress test to make sure its specs are precise and wheel is safe. This, to our knowledge, is not found in many of the factories we visited.

So what’s so different about KS-14C to other wheels in its category?

• In built Bluetooth Speakers

• Application to select mode (though the app could be improve)

• USB Charging (yes, probably the first in the market)

• In build front and back lights based on light sensitivity

• Tilt back at 25 km/h to prevent over-leaning.

Technical Specifications

Battery -340Wh / 680Wh

Motor – 500W / 800W

Weight – 12.8kg (340Wh) / 13.8kg (680Wh)

Wheel size – 14″ Max Speed – 25km/h

Max Range – 35km (340Wh) / 65km (680Wh)

Charging Time – 2 hrs (340Wh) / 3.5hr (680Wh)

Max Loading – 120kg

Colour – Black / White / Yellow

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