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Singapore Straps is proud to introduce IronMind Lifting Straps to Singapore. 

If you're not using IronMind lifting straps, you're probably not lifting as much as you could be. Chosen by the world's strongest men (and women) in 5 styles: the question is not whether you are using IronMind lifting straps . . . the question is, which IronMind lifting straps are you using?

Black and Fourth Lifting Straps : Even more length/width than the Blue Twos, for large wrists and 2" thick bars; straps for strongmen. 25-1/4" long, loop at one end; 2" wide.

Type of lifting straps

 Type Length Width Specification
Strong-Enough 21-1/4", loop at one end 1-1/2" wide Top pro strongman choice; Best general purpose choice
Blue-Twos 23-1/4”, loop at one end 1-3/4” wide extra length/width; for bigger wrists, thicker bars
Black and Fourth 25-1/4”, loop at one end 2” wide even more length/width; for large wrists, +2” thick bars

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