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IPS i100 Electric Unicycle

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Now in it's third generation, IPS has sold more electric unicycles (3,500 in April alone) than any other manufacturer in the world & it's easy to understand why.  
Externally, the IPS consists of a wheel, a power button and two foldable foot platforms. The inner workings of IPS use gyro sensors, a motor and a very high capacity battery pack. All of this technology is housed under a visually appealing, slim case with leg pads and a handle for easy carrying. The units is 100% battery operated: leaning controls your speed, lean forwards to go forward and lean backwards when you want to slow down or stop. IPS turns simply with your leg and hip movements. 
The IPS offers excellent range, featuring a 90WH - 400Wh lithium-ion power pack, that's capable of 10 - 40km, & more, on a single charge. Depending on usage, this is enough to ride continuously for 2-3 hours. The motor packs a 450 Watts of power, enough to tackle most difficult uneven terrain & provides smooth & continuous power to the rider.
Electric Unicycles is transportation distilled into the most simple, efficient, green, convenient  and inexpensive form of people mover ever invented. Most users liken the experience to riding on a magic carpet; the silence of the electric power-train gracefully & effortlessly propels you forward, allowing you to take in the scenery & collect your thoughts at a pace that is 3-4 times that of walking. Imagine the possibility of being able to leave your commuter train, jump on your Unicycle to arrive at your place of work without breaking a sweat or having to depend upon another form of transport subject to the vagaries the of the traffic, or reliability of the workforce.

IPS i100 Specification Table

Motor Wheel Diameter 35.56cm
Dynamic parameters 450w
Maximum speed 16kph
Load limit 100kg
Battery Battery capacity 90wh
Range 10km, approx.
Charging time About 1hrs
Controller Processor DSP X2
Self-balancing system IPS V2.0
Gyro MEMS gyroscopes
Early Warning System Sound & light
Control Vector/sine wave
Weight Weight 10.6kg
Dimensions Length/Height/Width (mm) 372/475/152
Fittings Charger 110-240 50.4V/2A
Pedal Aluminium
Shell ABS Materials
Environmental Ambient temperature -10°C ~ 50°C
IP rating IP65
Limit Climbing



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