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ILQ 9 Bearings

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ILQ-9 Bearings Able to use on rollerblades, inline skates, skateboards and scooters

The ILQ-9 Pros are Twincam's top of the line steel bearings. They differ in construction from most. Instead of seven balls, they have six, and the balls themselves are a little larger than normal: 4.5mm in diameter. Twincam says that cutting the number of balls reduces rolling friction and increasing their size allows them to carry more weight.

The balls are made of chrome; the retainers that hold them in place are nylon. The bearings are open on one side (the side that goes on the inside of the wheel). On the other side, they are sealed with a rubber shield.

The bearings are lubricated with Twincam's lightweight TK Gel, which is thin like a racing oil.

Come in sets of 4 peice

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