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ILQ 11 Bearings

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ILQ 11 Bearing Able To Use On Rollerblade, Inline Skates, Skate Board And Scooters

Less is more! The contact area between the balls and the inner and outer rings has been reduced with 6 balls, so ILQ-11’s spin with less friction that any other inline bearing. With larger balls, there’s also less void space inside the raceway, so the bearing can be filled with less lubrication, allowing more free spin.

Additionally, the larger balls (4.5 mm diameter) allow ILQ-11’s to handle greater laoding rates. This means they are superior for heavier skaters, and for stressful activities like hockey, aggressive skating, or hihg-speed pushing and cornering.

Highest end bearings!!

Comes in Sets of 4 Peice

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