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Fire Blanket Hard Casing

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1.5 x 1.5 hard casing
Product Features: fire blanket is a specially treated glass fiber twill fabric, as smooth as silk, soft, tight, and do not irritate the skin. (When making occasional glass head, may difficult to handle) with a thickness of 0. 43MM, for people to be away from heat body, was one of the most ideal and effective outer protective layer, and very easy to wrap uneven surface of the object, can be reused without damage cases, compared with water-based, dry powder fire 
extinguisher: A no expiration date; B after use does not produce secondary pollution; C insulation, high temperature .... This product is easy to carry, simple to configure, fast to use, and is environmentally friendly, pollution-free products, fire prevention, fire fighting and emergency situations the best choice. "I would rather never have to, not a moment is no."
1, the fire blanket placed on a fixed or relatively inconspicuous and can quickly pick up the wall or inside a drawer. 
2, when a fire, quickly remove the fire blanket, his hands holding two black drawstring.
3, the fire blanket and gently fluffed as a shield-shaped hold in your hand. 
4, the fire blanket gently covering the flame, and cut off the power or gas source. 
5, fire blanket covering the fire continued to object, and to take an active fire extinguishing measures until the object is completely extinguished. 
6, alone objects extinguished the fire and after the fire blanket cooling, the blanket wrapped into a ball, as non-flammable waste. 
7, if the person on fire, the blankets fluffed, completely wrapped in people who put out the fire ignition sources and quickly make an emergency call. 
Due to fire blanket of fine features, so with suitable fire blanket in the family kitchen, old room, school dormitories, hospital wards, entertainment, hotels, high-rise commercial and residential, Home for the Elderly, children's welfare, residential communities, factories dormitories, shopping stalls, cafes, cars, gas stations, temples, places and densely populated prison set places. 

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