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Doop skates are available in two sizes: Small and Large

Size: 36-43

Size 44-49

The doop Swift is the closest feeling to skiing that one can experience in the city. Fast and easily manoeuvrable, they offer brand new sensations to the skating experience. These skates are very fast, so we recommend a minimal amount of previous experience on skates – either that, or just go all out!

The doop Swift has been designed to take up to a 110mm wheel set-up and is completely secure and supportive of your ankle at all times.

The doop Swift includes an optional, height adjustable brake that will help you get comfortable with your new doops.

Doop skates are designed and tested by professionals, made with highest quality parts and 100% suitable for beginners and experts.

Doop skates have a patented size adjustable system with multiple, easy to use options to accommodate almost all shapes and sizes of shoes, this is why doops are separated into only 2 sizes, also making them perfect to share!

The doop swift model includes a new diagonal strap on the toe, and also a quick adjust mechanism at the heel.


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