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Bench Wheel Electric SkateBoard

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Powerful | Fast | Safe | Convenient | Revolutionary

Powerful Motor

1800 Watts. Brussless.

Faster than ever

Top Spead: 30KM/H.

Long Range

20KM Per Charge.

Short Recharge Time

Only 2 Hours.


Maximim 120KG

Light Weight


Grade Ability



2.4 GHz Wireless. Linear acceleration and braking.

Durable Battery

8.8Ah. Lithium battery.

Premium Deck

7 Ply Canadian Maple. 920mm x 240mm


High Rebound PU Wheels. 


Frequently Asked Questions

How much mileage the battery life?

A: 20km (this data is on slippery ground 60 kg weight people to 10 to 15km / h constant speed test out). Your weight greater than 60 kg, the ground floor is not smooth, when the slow speed fast, and that the mileage corresponding decreases, this is a plot, more complicated.

The highest speed?

A: Our maximum speed is 30km / h. The data we measured. But in fact it can be faster.

Battery Warranty for how long? How much change the battery? How much volt battery?

A: My battery is a 24V, 8.8Ah, 24 four and six-string lithium manganese batteries. 6 months warranty. Battery life is 1000 times the charging and discharging. That is three years after you only need to replace the battery.

How long can the normal use of the wheel?

A: Like it and skateboard wheels, the wheels are wearing parts, someone with a five-year, someone with a bad five months, this look at how you use. Wheels / board / bridge are wearing parts.

Can not change their boards?

Answer: Yes. As long as your board longer than 90cm, it can be. You can put your board to send over, we give you back openings you installed. This not only can not be cheap but also add a service charge of 800 dollars, time takes 3 to 5 days.

Anti-electric skateboard is not waterproof? Can you ride in wet conditions?

A: The electric skateboard is sure to throw in the water short-circuited in this case is not waterproof. But the general point of light rain under a big problem, not so squeamish, a little water can not touch. Who rains also to brush Street? Do you wear an umbrella Brush Street?

Is the remote control will be unable to interfere with other electronic devices transmit signals in time?

A: Yes. For example, through the X-ray detection machine security will be affected by interference. Just after the re-code just fine. The code, press and hold the power button on the remote control and slide the power button, press 5 seconds, hear drops - drops three times. Then restart just fine.

The electric scooters can put on the plane? How to travel abroad with?

A: The electric scooters are not board the aircraft. Because the electric skateboard lithium batteries (210Wh) exceeds 160Wh, so you can not board the aircraft. Abroad only through our freight transportation, courier companies generally can not be sent.

to overheat protection it?

A: The motor is exposed to the outside. There is a strong air-cooled on the move. Without overheating protection.

Gradeability how? How can the maximum slope?

A: We only tested collected from the underground garage up, no problem. Youku search bench can go skateboarding videos. Visual garage about 25 degrees slope.


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