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Seba skates are internationally recognized as a high-end inline skate manufacturer. Our orders go as far as the UAE and Saudi Arabia, Europe, USA, Korea, Brazil and Australia. So whether you are in Dubai or Dunkirk there's no denying the worldwide reputability Seba Rollerblades. The Seba skate design comes from freestyle skating legend and world champion Sébastien Laffargue and Sébastien's expertise goes into each Seba skate to this day. As a world champion freestyle skater, his standards are high with primary focus put on performance and comfort. Seba was never intended as an entry level skate, however with their great rep and lower-end models appearing at more and more friendly prices they have become just as popular with the wannabe freestyler as the seasoned veteran. Seba are developed to push freestyle skating limits by offering high quality parts that are tried and tested by world leaders in the sport. You pay for quality when you buy a Seba skate!



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