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The Mission Inhaler NLS4 Skate boasts a quality quarter package made of 3D TrueForm Tech PU. It was built with a very anatomical shape so that the skate closely hugs the foot from top to bottom, front to back, which eliminates negative space. This not only improves energy transfer, it also provides players with a more comfortable and natural fit.

The NLS4's quarter package is also fully thermoformable, so they can be baked to help reduce break-in time and so that players can get a custom fit and feel. The traditionally thick two-piece, white felt tongue provides ample protection from lace-bite and any other impacts that may occur during play.


  • WHEELS Hi-Lo Clinger XXX Indoor WheelsIdeal for sport court, wood and smooth concrete surfaces
    BEARINGS Hi-Lo ABEC 7 608
    FRAME One-piece, aluminum Hi-Lo™ Vanguard™ FrameSizes 1.0 - 2.0: uses (2) 59 mm in the front and (2) 68 mm in the rear
    Sizes 3.0 - 5.0: uses (2) 68 mm in the front and (2) 72 mm in the rear
    Offers increased overall speed with a decreased stopping distance
    Mission Square Flush TwoPiece 6mm Axles
    LINER Brushed microfiber
    Wicks away moisture to better keep feet dry and comfortable
    TONGUE White felt with an integrated lace-bite insert
    OUTSOLE Injected TPR
    HEEL SUPPORT Anatomical Heel
    QUARTER PACKAGE 3D TrueForm Reinforced Tech PU
    Fiber-like material that offers enhanced stiffness and stability
    Anatomical shape hugs the foot for a natural,form-fitting feel


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